5 Pack Goals

  1. Communication

    • Increase and provide effective communication within the pack by providing interactive information on our website for parents and leaders:

      • Online parent handbook and resources (camping supply list, links, etc.) 
      • Online resources for Den Leaders (online training links, Den and Pack Meeting Minutes, etc.) 

  1. Marketing

  • Promote our pack and increase enrollment by:

    • Submit information in church bulletins and SASH School Newspaper on a regular basis 
    • Participate in recruiting two times a year (fall and spring) 
    • Provide periodic press releases to media  
    • Create helpful brochures and other parent information (i.e. Who’s Who in the Pack)

  1. Achievements

  • Track Scout achievements and badge accomplishments

  1. Administration

  • Update and maintain a filing system for the pack and our leaders

    • Collect hard copies of Den activities for paper files. Scan and upload onto website for Leader reference for future use (so den leaders are not reinventing the wheel)
    • Revise pack mission statement and create bylaws. 

  1. Development

  • Maintain and grow a quality Pack Program:

    • Offer more community outreach activities to give boys the opportunity to take a more active role serving their community.
    • Provide more family-oriented events  
    • Develop fall, winter, spring and summer overnight camping experiences 

  • Increase parent involvement

    • Update and utilize the Parent Talent Survey Form

  1. Training

  • Communicate required training to Leaders and ensure that all Leaders are current with requirements.

  1. Safety

  • Manage a safe environment for all:

    • Insure incoming volunteers have completed required safety clearances. 
    • Review clearances for all current adult participants and set a schedule to update these clearances.