8 Fundraising 2020

Cub Scout Pack 199 - Annual Fundraiser

New Website for 2020 Online Sales: https://pack-199.square.site/

            Selling Christmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season has been a very successful fundraiser for our pack.  We do our fundraiser September through Mid-October each year.  All of our Wreaths and Holiday Items are delivered to the pack in Late-November, just in time for us to distribute over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.

           All the money raised is used to fund our scouting program.  Our Pack Committee, Leaders, & Volunteers, work very hard to give our boys the best program we can.  Our committee works on a budget every year to fund our program,  encompassing registration fees and a fundraiser.  The money raised helps us to cover the pack’s cost of needed items such as equipment purchases, upkeep, and supplies that aren’t covered by the registration fee, as well as to help defray the cost of events and trips.  Our pack is very active and our scouts enjoy and look forward to the many activities and camping trips that we do.   


  • Each Scout must either sell 9 products (not including lights or hangers) or the parents must pay the $100 opt out fee.  Each sibling must sell an additional 4 products (not including lights or hangers) or pay a $50 opt out fee.  
  • For every product sold over the 9 (or 13 if there is a sibling) the scout/sibling will get 50% of the profit from those sales put into their scout account that they can use to pay for pack events.  
  • Scouts will also have the opportunity to earn additional money for their scout accounts by participating in the Pack presale events at Sacred Heart, St. Agnes, and the Perkasie Firehouse.  Scouts will earn 50% of the profit from those sales allocated based upon their number of shifts at these events. 



  • Regular sales 
    • Please keep a record of the products you sell as you will need to deliver them to your customers. (the envelope is a great place to do that)
    • Please have your customers give you cash or checks made out to you.  
    • You will submit a summary sheet that will summarize your orders along with one check for the entire order made out to Pack 199. 
  • Ship-To Orders
    • You must complete an original form (please contact Kelly Smola if you need additional forms) for each item ordered (even if sending multiple items to one address).  
    • Fill out the ship-to section on the summary sheet with the summary of your orders
  • Online Orders
    • Go to the Pack website, www.pack-199.org for directions
    • If you have any questions contact David Reed at cspack @ gmail.com
New Website for 2020 Online Sales: https://pack-199.square.site/

Important Dates:

  • October 24th – All wreath orders(regular and ship-to) are due at our AGA Farms pack meeting (arrange with Kelly Smola to drop off your orders prior to the 24th if you will not be there)
  • November 9-13th wreaths arrive in Perkasie
  • November 15th – scout families pick up wreaths
  • November 14-15th & 23-24th – deliver wreaths at St. Agnes and Sacred Heart

Volunteers Needed:

  • We will need volunteers to help unload the tractor trailer when it arrives.  (More details to follow.)
  • We will need Parents, Cub Scouts, and Leaders to help Sell Wreaths after each Mass at St. Agnes & Sacred Heart Churches.  Smiling, handsome Cub Scouts in the Class A uniform is all that is needed.  Details with Sign-ups to be distributed.

If you have any questions or need any help with your Wreath Fundraiser please contact:

Kelly Smola eirojram @ verizon.net .

New Website for 2020 Online Sales: https://pack-199.square.site/