In addition to Summer Camp, our cubs have the opportunity to go camping once each season.  The Pack Camping Committee schedules and plans a camping trip each Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Fall and Spring camping trips are tent camping while, due to the cold temperatures, Winter camping is always in a cabin.  Camping trips are scheduled on the weekend - Saturday days, overnight into Sunday.

Camping trips also vary in location/distance in order to provide a variety of camping experiences over the years your son spends in scouting.  We highly recommend that all scouts, regardless of age/rank, attend as many camping trips as possible. Tigers must be accompanied by a parent on all trips.

Summer Camp
Summer camp is our longest camping trip each year.  We alternate attending in-council (local) and out-of-council ("long distance") resident camps.  Resident camp lengths vary between 2 and 4 nights in length and usually involve at least one weekday. For those unable to attend a resident camp, summer day camp (typically in-council only) is also an option as well.  Family camping is available at all BSA Summer Resident camps.  Resident camping is highly recommended for all scouts, providing them a chance to interact with scouts from other packs both in and out of our area.

The Pack Camping Committee is always looking for new volunteers.  We prefer to have at least one non-leader representative from each den in addition to the Committee Coordinator and Cubmasters.